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Non clinical resources 

Child Health Hub ICS Value Analysis
Child Health Hub (CHH) ICS Value Analysis 

The Child Health Hub model delivers the benefits of early intervention and improved access to specialist child health.

Find out more in this report

Segmentation model

CC4C paediatricians have developed a segmentation model to support and improve healthcare commissioning


How to guide

Interested in setting up a similar model of integrated child health? Read our how to guide to find out how we got started with our GP child health hubs 

Experience mapping toolkit

Experience Mapping is a tool for sharing patient experience. We have put together a how to guide with tips and advice on how to do Experience Mapping.


How the NHS works for young people  - healthcare professionals

Answering frequently asked questions from healthcare professionals about what changes when a patient turns 16


How the NHS works for young people - parents and carers

Answering parents and carers questions and sharing top tips


Your healthcare own it

Sharing advice for young people about their rights in the NHS 


Report: Healthcare for refugees - reflecting on experiences at the Metropole Hotel

We worked with refugees from Afghanistan who were living in temporary accommodation in North West London, sharing advice on how to navigate the NHS



Clinical Resources 

Links to useful information on common childhood conditions, to help support primary care and community care health professionals


General children's health resources


MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) vaccine resources:

Parents questions about the MMR vaccine answered

What are the challenges around MMR vaccine uptake and some tips for GP surgeries

We summarised what families have told us over the last few months about routine childhood vaccinations (and the MMR vaccine in particular) in the two resources above 


Coronavirus resources

Resources developed to support child health professionals in North West London during the pandemic 


Monkeypox infographic

key information for healthcare professionals on Monkeypox 


Height and weight measurement poster

A poster to improve young people's experience of being weighed and measured. Please print out and display this poster near the scales.