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Looking at child health in Japan

Looking at child health in Japan

For two weeks in June I participated in the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) medical exchange to Japan to experience life as Maham sensei (sensei is a Japanese title of respect given to professionals including doctors). During my stay I ...Read more
Spotting the Sick Child

Spotting the Sick Child

As a Paediatrician, how can I provide a 20 minute guide for GPs on spotting the sick child? This task seemed impossible until I teamed up with the GPs themselves. HEAT Hounslow CCG have organised an impressive training series for their GPs. ...Read more
Managing menstrual problems in adolescents with neurodisability

Managing menstrual problems in adolescents with neurodisability

To adolescents with neurodisability and their caregivers, the onset of puberty and menstruation can pose a significant challenge. How do you manage the practicalities of managing periods? How do you learn to recognize problems related to hormonal cyc...Read more


As individuals we value our children above all.  As a nation, we must prioritise them in the agenda for health improvement. 

Connecting Care for Children is an innovative programme drawing paediatric expertise and community support into primary care, where children’s and families’ needs are known and can be managed well. 

By expanding our network and collaborating with colleagues and service users nationally, we hope to improve experiences and outcomes for children and their families.

Programme components

What people have said

“The GPs have much more confidence about relationships that have been built with the paediatric service, and there has been a good exchange of information in person, by email and by phone.”
– GP

“I hope it will continue like this – it’s much easier and more comfortable because I know all the people at the GP”
– Young person reflecting on paediatric outreach pilot

“Fix Freddie is a way of getting people to engage not just with doctors, pharmacists and healthcare experts, but with each other, so they make stronger communities”
– Puppeteer