Enabling open access to knowledge and information is one of three core building blocks in the CC4C model.

We value the importance of building relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare professionals so that we can learn from one another and share information.

This approach helps us to work more cohesively and provide better care to our patients and their families.

To do this, we have developed:

  • a telephone and email hotline so that GPs can call hospital paediatricians for advice and support
  • multidisciplinary team meetings where primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare professionals come together to discuss case management
  • a web page where we post answers to common paediatric questions
  • a CC4C blog which provides information on latest initiatives, ideas and success stories
  • a web page which hosts recent CC4C publications and case studies

CC4C also shares learning and information nationally. Our national map highlights other organisations in the country who are also implementing the CC4C model.