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  1. Working with the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

    Last month Connecting Care for Children (CC4C) got together with CWMT to run workshops for GPs, paediatricians and children's clinical nurse specialists (who look after young people with long term conditions such as diabetes or HIV). CC4C aims to…

  2. Let’s talk about Sex – teenagers and Sexual Health

    As part of my work with the Connecting Care for Children Team at St Mary’s Hospital , I had the opportunity to take part in a teaching day at the local William Morris Sixth Form. The aim was to engage 16-19 year olds in conversations about…

  3. Spotting the sick child

    As a paediatrician, how can I provide a 20 minute guide for GPs on spotting the sick child? This task seemed impossible until I teamed up with the GPs themselves.

  4. Sex can be hard for adolescents to talk about, but can support groups help?

    Our brief was to help create a group for young people, particularly girls, where they felt safe and comfortable to talk about sex

  5. Paediatrics at the GP's surgery: putting heads together

    When I attended my first hub clinic I was thrilled to see paediatrics and GPs coming together

  6. GP FAQ Cows Milk Protein Allergy

    Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy diagnosis and management

  7. Basic life support in the community

    As a part of our time in the St Mary’s paediatric department, we were lucky to be given time with the Connecting Care for Children team to develop our own projects. Lucinda, a paediatric registrar, and I realised that we were passionate about the…

  8. What we can learn from community aid groups during coronavirus

    The impact of mutual aid groups during coronavirus and how to connect to them

  9. How can GPs support the families of very young patients?

    As a GP trainee I was apprehensive about my first set of paediatric night shifts. Seeing children in a GP practice is often the highlight of a busy day, however the prospect of being faced with an acutely unwell inpatient in the middle of the night…

  10. Dr Kate Dharmarajah presenting at the virtual International Conference of Integrated Care

    Dr Kate Dharmarajah pesentation 'Co Production and Participatory Evaluation in combination - Is this approach more that the sum of it's parts?'

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