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    If you'd like to get in touch with us, here's how

  3. National map

    See the other organisations that are now involved with the CC4C programme

  4. Publications

    Here are our recent publications as well as the latest news, reports and case studies on Connecting Care for Children.

  5. Whole population integrated child health - segmentation model

    CC4C paediatricians have developed a segmentation model to support and improve healthcare commissioning.

  6. Integrated child health: time to move centre-stage

    Three key themes helped to create a great sense of shared purpose around integrated child health at an event this week

  7. Community champions: my journey to happiness

    Practice champions are recruited via GP practices to enable us to co-design local healthcare services. There is no better way to explain the impact that they have, than to hear it from an incredible young woman who is now a community champion.

  8. Paediatrics at the GP's surgery: putting heads together

    When I attended my first hub clinic I was thrilled to see paediatrics and GPs coming together

  9. Spotting the sick child

    As a paediatrician, how can I provide a 20 minute guide for GPs on spotting the sick child? This task seemed impossible until I teamed up with the GPs themselves.

  10. Restart a heart day 2016 – every child a lifesaver

    Doctors and nurses at St Mary’s Hospital joined forces with local schools to support the Restart a heart day campaign in October

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