Sharing our work through videos

CC4C and Parkview Olympics
An award-winning project designed and delivered by local parents to support children and young people to maintain a healthy weight through community activity at zero cost


Video made by Fredeo Films.

Mando Watson in video still
Thinking differently about the health and wellbeing of children and young people, NHSE/I


CC4C Child Health GP Hubs video still
Central London CCG on CC4C Child Health GP Hubs
The benefits of paediatricians doing monthly clinics in a GP practice, with the GP


CC4C and asthma simulation video still
CC4C and asthma simulation
This film uses a simulation of an asthma attack and shows the benefits of an integrated care system that includes members of the public as equal partners (Vimeo log in required)


Puppet theatre video still

Collaborating with the NHS to Develop Award winning 'Fix Freddie'
Using a puppet show to convey a message of alternative pathways to visiting Accident and Emergency and supporting local people to build relationships with their healthcare providers


CC4C Patient Academy video still
CC4C Patient Academy
Working together, professionals and parents, to tackle high numbers of young children presenting to A&E with minor illnesses (Vimeo log in required) (Vimeo log in required)


CC4C and sequential simulation video still

CC4C and sequential simulation: how to help your unwell child
A powerful form of community engagement, including members of the public as equal partners and using simulation to learn together how to better manage acutely unwell children