Our publications help us to share our collaborative work. Here you will find examples of oral and poster presentations designed by our trainees, as well as links to further full-text articles.


Full-text articles

Oral presentations

  • How do you help your unwell child? A Sequential SimulationTM project Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Conference, May 2019 Dr Charles Coughlan
  • Bringing together Child health professionals and Dental experts to tackle Oral Health in Children BJGP Research Conference, 2020, Vinoshini (Vino) Vasikaran, Arpana Soni, Mando Watson
  • Participatory evaluation and co-production - more than the sum of its parts? Young People's Health Special Interest Group/ British Association of General Paediatrics RCPCH Annual Conference 2020, 20th International Conference on Integrated Care, April 2020 Kate Dharmarajah
  • Baby Resuscitation: the impact and the hidden benefits 20th International Conference on Integrated Care, April 2020, Anna McManus, Yuheng Zhou, Rocío Rodríguez Belmonte, Mando Watson
  • The Early Years Dashboard: Improving Child Health and Reducing Inequality in North West London 40’ breakout @ Digital Health and Care Congress, Kings Fund 2020 Charlie Coughlan

Poster presentations

  • How do you help your unwell child? A sequential simulation project ADC RCPCH conference 2019 C Coughlan, A Imran, B Holden, S Weldon, R Kneebone, F Bello, M Blair, M Watson
  • Fix Freddie! – Pulling Strings to Reduce Pressure on Minors Cleugh, F., Langseth, A., Clements, C., Salam, M., & Manfredi, L. Emerg Med J, 31(9), 788-789 2014
  • Mental health matters: the impact of including mental health professionals within a gp-based child health multidisciplinary team RCPCH Annual Conference, April 2020, Liverpool – Iona Talintyre, Shafaq Adnan and Katelyn Aitchison
  • Leading change for children and young people through the workforce: learning from an integrated child health model 20th International Conference on Integrated Care, April 2020 Arpana Soni, Mando Watson
  • Using the charlie waller memorial trust to increase mental health expertise in a GP setting Archives of Disease in Childhood 2019;104:A99. Banks T, McLaughlin N, Christofides N, et al