Young People at Imperial: have your say & have a look

Welcome to our temporary virtual home

For several years, we have been working to make more space and time for young people with health needs coming to us for care

Who are we?
We are a group of doctors, nurses, therapists, secretaries, managers, pharmacists, coordinators, researchers and most importantly young people who are patients at our hospitals.

What are we doing?
We want to educate and raise awareness about what makes young people special and what we can do to make the transition from being in children’s services to attending adult services better
Getting young people (LIKE YOU!) involved in making this happen and making sure that we get it right
Putting together information and resources for young people, their families and healthcare teams

Where are we up to?
With the COVID Pandemic, the need to support young people better has grown even more. This is why we have put together this page, we will work hard with you to shape this into something that gets better and better.

To start with, have a look at some of these links:

Young Minds: help when things are tough – mental health support for young people

My Big Career
: Charity with the mission to provide free one-to-one career guidance to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and to break down barriers to social mobility.

Talk to Frank: honest information about drugs:

Health for Teens
: sexual health advice

Terrific Teens: 
digital stories from young adults and also their parents about living with chronic conditions. These 2-3 minute videos were created by young people living with chronic conditions, such as severe allergies, sickle cell anaemia, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease.

Health Talk: short video-interviews with people affected by health issues, sharing experiences from the patient perspective

Young People COVID Q&A

Thursday 30 July, 5:00-6:00 PM: a Microsoft Teams webinar for Young People with a Q&A about COVID and what it means for you, your health and your healthcare.

Find out more about the questions that were answered and how the event went here.


Get in touch, be involved

Youth Forum
Are you 16-25 and want to be involved in shaping services for young people?

Email to join the Young People @ Imperial Youth Forum.

We meet regularly to discuss changes that would make young people's experience in hospital better.




YP@I Healthcare Fair 2019 

Healthcare fair 2019
In October 2019 we held our first healthcare transition fair.

Now, it seems like a different life: lots of people in a small space, no masks…!

Healthcare transition describes the process of growing up with medical conditions and moving from children’s services to adult services.

We brought together children’s teams, adult teams, and had drop-in and chat stalls with info about healthy eating, sexual health, emotional wellbeing, staying active.

Outpatient survey
In 2019 we asked young people attending our clinics what they want to discuss: the top three topics were school/college, mental health and weight management

YP@I Healthcare Fair 2020 – what next?

With COVID we have to think again! We've been planning the Q&A to help answer some questions whilst we're not able to hold a fair.

What is Healthcare Transition?

ready steady go
Growing up with a longterm health condition, such as diabetes, joint problems, asthma, allergies, blood disorders and many others is hard enough.

From the age of 11-13 years a lot of change happens on top of that – body changes with puberty, school changes, getting out and about without parents more, looking after your own health.

From the age of 16 years, most patients will leave Children’s Services and move to adult services.

Learning all about how to look after your health yourself and being prepared for this move is what we call Healthcare Transition.
To help us and you make sure we talk about all the important things, we use a questionnaire called “Ready, Steady, Go”.

Here is the link to their website: Ready Steady Go – link to University of Southampton Website. 

Have a look!!

Introducing HEADSS?

For all people, life is about more than one thing.

Patients are mostly just people with a life full of activities, family, friends, learning, working.

To make sure, we don’t just look at the medical diagnosis – but understand the person more as a whole, we ask about other things in life. Because sometimes, there is stuff going on, that can make a difference – and where recognising it and talking about it may help.

HEADSS is a memory aide, to help us think about and ask about important areas, such as: HomeHome, Education/employment, peer group Activities, Drugs, Sexuallity, and Suicide/depression

This App explains the HEADSS assessment really well. It’s free and easy to download:

Some work we have shared with others to raise awareness

getting it right
In 2019 we looked at what young people want from us.

Here are the results from a survey of some of the young people attending our clinics.

With time, we will have more information to share with you!





Who we are:

Young People Imperial team
Here are the faces of some of the many dedicated people involved. More introductions will follow!