Own it, supporting young people to take ownership of their healthcare

We have all got used to Teams Meetings and Zooms but have you ever been asked to present from a campsite, in the middle of your Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition?

Keira Ghouneim played a central role in our 'own it' project. Since turning 16 and experiencing how confusing the transition from children's to adult services can be, Keira and her mum Hanan Ghouneim, have been campaigning for more support for young people. With teammates Dr Arpana Soni and Phoebe Rutherford, from Connecting Care for Children, they led a year long project to answer questions from young people, parents and healthcare professionals. 

We are now trying to share the posters (links below) far and wide. This included a special invitation to the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) Northwest London young people's advisory panel. Keira shares how the presentation went:

“Presenting the poster - empowering young people to take ownership of their own healthcare to the young people advisory panel was just brilliant and empowering, especially doing it while I was camping for my Gold DofE . It’s definitely a grey area for young people and I know that this poster will help many to know how to navigate their way, like it’s helping me. I have learnt so much through this journey, as a young person being heard and giving me the confidence in taking ownership of my own healthcare. There is still lots to learn but I can truly say we as young people are being heard. I’m hoping my next presentation will be in a room and not a tent 😉😂

Please help us to keep spreading the word, download and share the posters:

Young people's poster 

Parents and carers poster 

Healthcare professional poster 

Please let us know if you have any feedback, get in touch imperial.cc4c@nhs.net.