Life saving skills for children

Are you a parent, grandparent or carer perchance?
I’m going to apologise for my rhymes in advance!
But today I’d like to extend an invitation,
Which is something that really fills me with elation.
I would love you to come to a Baby Resus session,
And now, please read on, because I know you’ll have a question!
A Baby Resus event, what’s that you say?
Life saving skills - why would you delay!
Held at St Mary’s Hospital, one evening each month,
The paediatric team gathers, a very enthusiastic bunch,
Keen to impart their knowledge to those eager to learn,
To watch anxieties ease is all that they yearn.
Once everyone’s settled and introductions have been had,
It’s time to begin and for that you’ll be glad!
We’ll cover the ABC’s of baby life support,
Going over and over until you’ve had time to absorb,
And then once you know the theory and think you have the jist,
We’ll get you up and practicing and we really will persist,
Until you feel confident to do resus when at home,
We’ll be there to help you, you’ll never be alone!
We don’t want to scare you; this is really very rare,
But why not be ready, it’s much better than a scare,
Hearing words such as “give rescue breaths” times five,
Or “start chest compressions” in order to help revive,
Though there really is just the smallest chance,
If you’ve had a go and tried this all in advance,
Any expectations there are, you really will surpass,
All because you came to the Baby Resus class!
And then when we say that it’s not over yet,
We cover choking as well so that you won’t ever fret,
Whether it’s coughing, or back blows, or chest thrusts they need,
We’ll give you the steps which will help you succeed.
And then right at the end, before you walk out the door,
We’ll ask you one more time, just so that we completely ensure,
That you have no more questions, or worries on your mind,
So we can all go home happy and completely unwind.
We can’t wait to meet you at an upcoming session,
Because improving child health is really our obsession,
So what on earth is there to possibly lose?
Sign up now, and beat the queues!

Sign up for a Baby Resus Session at: