Allergy First Aid during a Pandemic - for children & young people

Welcome to our Blog covering common questions around allergic conditions

This blog is in construction and will cover some useful information and links for food allergy, allergic eye and nose issues such as hayfever, basics around eczema care and links to asthma resources. 

There are many amazing resources out there and you will find useful links to those. 

This Blog cannot cover absolutely everything - if you have additional questions, ask your healthcare team. 

COVID Vaccinations and Allergies - Link to reliable information. 

We receive a lot of enquiries about the safety of the COVID vaccinations for those who live with different allergies and allergic conditions. 
This is a subject where new information comes quickly and you need to be able to find it. 

We recommend the following information source for your questions: 

If you have any further questions after reading this, then please contact your clinical team

We are excited to bring you the first  blog topic:

Food allergy - labels, life and a few other tips