Practice champions are people who voluntarily work with staff in their local GP practice or surgery to find new ways to improve services and to help meet the health needs of patients in the wider community. Our champions are an important and valued part of their GP practice.

What practice champions do

We know that children and their families benefit from local support and education around health and wellbeing.

Practice champions develop support groups and health education events to provide children, young people and their carers with a greater understanding of what care is available and how best to access services.

Support groups are patient-led, putting the needs of the child first. Patients are invited to meet with their practice champion and GP practice, and to talk through their needs and what really matters to them. This helps practices to identify health needs in the community and to better allocate resources.

Health education events are set up to improve engagement and communication in the community, and more specifically help educate children and their families. In the past practice champions have organised walking groups for new parents, mindfulness courses, obesity projects and asthma education events.

Practice champions also link in with the CC4C, child health GP hubs. This allows them to create feedback loops with the GP to drive change.

What becoming a practice champion involves

All practice champions receive full training. We run a two-day training course, so that they feel confident when talking to other patients, and also to ensure they have a greater understanding of what the health system has to offer. Practice champions also have formal safety (DBS) checks, which take approximately three weeks.

Once our champions have completed their training, the CC4C team will invite them to weekly meetings. Champions can give as much or as little time as they can. Other local community charities and children’s centres are also invited to attend the meetings, so it’s a great opportunity for champions to network and learn from others.

Become a practice champion

If you think you would like to become a practice champion, or would simply like to know more, please submit an application form.

Parkview Olympics

Parkview Olympics was a six-week pilot health and wellbeing programme in White City, London. This community-based initiative was designed and delivered by Practice Champions. Watch this video to learn more about the programme. 


Video made by Fredeo Films.